Our Compact Fluorescent bulbs kill odors, germs, bacteria, viruses and makes your home safe and smell great

Indoor Air Pollution - Indoor Quality of air Benefits from Moving over to OdorkillingBulb


OdorkillingBulb Will kill Germs

OdorKillingBulb will sanitize your own air by killing different microorganisms including bacteria, viruses, fungi, mould spores and nasty dust mites without the use of those sprays with  harmful compounds as  sanitizers. The next generation sanitizing coating on this bulb not simply kills viruses, but also decomposes the mobile itself along with any dangerous products. OdorkillingBulb may effectively slow up the spread associated with germs as well as minimize sick and tired days so you can stay working. Viruses cannot become immune to OdorkillingBulb cleaning power which is stronger and more effective than that of  conventional chemical based disinfectants like chemicals used in swimming pool water and ozone.


OdorkillingBulb Takes away Allergens & Problems

If you are one of the huge quantities of humans in America suffering from allergies, OdorkillingBulb can help you. OdorkillingBulb will cleanse your air flow by doing damage to airborne contaminants in the air and toxic irritants such as plant pollen, tobacco smoke along with your pets pet pollen by simply turning on your lamp. Best of all, this particular safe item eliminates the need for harmful substances and Ultraviolet light commonly used for cleaning. Fighting allergic reactions has never so much easier.

  OdorkillingBulb Destroys Fatal Pollutants

Inside air pollution will be caused by risky organic ingredients (VOCs) and compound contaminants released from various products, kitchen appliances and tools. It is a serious health danger and must be eliminated to provide a safe, balanced and effective environment. A simple and effective way to eliminate harmful compound pollutants just like formaldehyde, styrene as well as toluene is to switch to OdorkillingBulb from incandescent lamps. The new and innovative nano photocatalytic technology utilized in this product can oxidize noxious chemical substance contaminants directly into harmless carbon dioxide and normal water by simply changing and replacing a light bulb!

 OdorkillingBulb Eliminates Uncomfortable Odors Securely

If you are at present using air flow fresheners, scented gel, aerosols or plug-in fresheners, you could be exposed to damaging chemicals for example benzene, formaldehyde and also pthalates which usually are emitted readily available products. These kind of chemicals are actually linked to inhaling and exhaling difficulties, growth problems in babies and most cancers in research laboratory animals according to the Sierra Club, Your Natural Assets Defense Authorities, Alliance with regard to Healthy Houses and the Country wide Center for Healthy Housing. When you switch to OdorkillingBulb, you will be killing odors properly instead of covering up them with deadly chemicals. It can be ideal for anywhere you have prolonged odors and the most amazingly healthy option to harmful chemical-based deodorizers.

 OdorkillingBulb Helps Conform to Indoor Quality of air Regulations

The US Occupational Safe practices Administration (Has . 1 percent) regulations have got Permissible Coverage Limits (PEL) regarding hazardous chemical compounds. In order to supply workers a safe environment, firms are responsible for ensuring their workers are not overexposed for you to hazardous ingredients. Most other international locations also have related regulations to be sure a safe place of work and charges can be steep for non compliance as well as negative promotion. A simple switch to OdorkillingBulb can help any company create a less dangerous environment to comply with inside air quality laws by ruining deadly pollutants.

Environmental Advantages from Switching for you to OdorkillingBulb

 OdorkillingBulb Helps Fight Global Warming

Lighting is run mainly by fossil fuel burning electrical power plants along with natural gas, each of which create garden greenhouse gases (GHG) that induce global warming. Your EPA quotations that One.535 lbs of greenhouse gas are released to the a™osphere for every kw hour of electricity generated by a coal-fired seed.

Replacing an individual 100 w conventional incandescent light with a Twenty five watt OdorkillingBulb can prevent greater than 169 pounds associated with coal from being burnt and reduce greenhouse gas pollution levels by 814 lbs over the use of the light bulb. This is above 4,500 times OdorkillingBulb very own weight in greenhouse unwanted gas!!

Looking at the overall dish, it is estimated that when every person within the United States swapped an individual incandescent bulb having a CFL, it would jointly save $8 thousand in electricity costs, reduce burning 30 billion kilos of fossil fuel and remove 2 million cars valuation on green house gas emissions from our environment. Now imagine what a difference we can help to make if we changed all our incandescent light bulbs to OdorkillingBulb.

 Nothing you've seen prior have a lot of people had so much power to make a move as simple as modifying a light light to fight our planets atmosphere while improving indoor quality of air and spending less!

 OdorkillingBulb Prevent lots of other Pollution As well

Coal-fired power grow smokestacks are also a large threat in order to health. Along with releasing carbon dioxide (CO2), in addition they release sulfur dioxide (principal cause of chemical p rain), nitrogen oxide (will cause smog and acidity rain), radioactive pollutants (can discharge more than a nuclear power grow) and particles. These deadly pollution could lead to heart attacks, strokes, asthma attack attacks as well as premature deaths. Using OdorkillingBulb may help reduce this kind of pollution as well as smog by using a lesser amount of energy as well as contributing to a safer atmosphere. Furthermore, this may also help reduce the particular negative influences from radioactive waste materials and hydroelectic vegetation.


OdorkillingBulb Makes your Lighting Carbon dioxide Neutral

Even though CFLs use 75% less electricity as compared to their incandescent alternative, they even now require several electricity, which ends up in skin tightening and emissions. All of us use a portion of the arises from the purchase of each light bulb to cancel out the carbon dioxide by-products that will be generated by OdorkillingBulb around its total life, which makes it a true co2 neutral product or service. The as well as offsets are made by simply donations of our own CFLs through qualified respected organizations so they have an immediate and true impact on global warming unlike planting of bushes which could acquire many years to create the same effect. We obviously state the whole Carbon Impact Reduction (sum of the as well as reduction coming from converting coming from incandescent bulbs together with free carbon offsets for the OdorkillingBulb) you will experience whenever you switch to any one our OdorkillingBulb.


OdorkillingBulb Minimizes your Overall Carbon dioxide Footprint

By using the single multiple tasking OdorkillingBulb instead of electric powered home air cleaners and incandescent lights, you will be making use of less electricity by retiring redundant home appliances and inefficient lighting. Additionally, by stopping the use of chemically centered sanitizers and deodorizers you are going to further lessen your carbon footprint since these products are consumables that require an important amount of energy and means to produce. Consequently, by using the carbon basic OdorkillingBulb you will be creating less carbon dioxide and cutting your overall as well as footprint besides making the lighting entirely carbon neutral.

Savings via Switching in order to OdorkillingBulb:

 OdorkillingBulb Reduces your time Consumption simply by 75%!

Odorkilling is starting to be able to light how you can a more energy-efficient tomorrow and also their reputation is not unexpected. Compared to the power guzzling old fashioned incandescent lamp technology, OdorkillingBulb extreme energy performance is nothing less than dazzling. A 25 w OdorkillingBulb provides an equivalent of 100 watts of traditional incandescent light producing energy personal savings of about 75%.

As a result of enormous potential to increase electricity savings minimizing pollution, various organizations have got undertaken a number of creative procedures to promote the ownership of CFLs. Furthermore, governments across the globe have taken (electronic.g. Us all, Canada, Australia & Ireland) or even are considering solid measures to be able to encourage use of CFLs as well as to entirely displace incandescent bulbs. Ireland will be the first country to implement a bar in 2009 and Australia will phase away incandescent lights through 2010. United states of america and Europe have also dedicated to phasing out incandescent lights starting throughout 2012.

 OdorkillingBulb Saves Funds!

Although the up-front cost of a OdorkillingBulb can be higher than an ordinary incandescent bulb, the price savings in the life of the bulb might be striking as it is often much more power efficient, lasts Ten times longer and it eliminates the requirement of expensive as well as harmful chemical based air sanitizers, cleansers and deodorizers. Let's consider a conservative illustration for switching to a one OdorkillingBulb. Assume in which:

 You switch 1 100 watt incandescent bulb using a 25 watt OdorkillingBulb that produces a similar amount of gentle.

  OdorkillingBulb costs $23.99 and lasts 8-10,000 hours.

 A standard incandescent light costs $0.55 and lasts 550 hours. For that reason, 10 normal bulbs are needed to last as long since the one OdorkillingBulb for a total cost of $5.

 The cost of electricity is $0.101/kWh a 2006 appraisal. It is nearer to $0.17 - $0.20/kWh in places like the Northeast.

 You presently use regarding $60/year chemical based deodorizer, sanitizer or perhaps filter consumables that you could eradicate by changing to OdorkillingBulb, In the 8000 hour SaniBulb™ life time, it would conserve $300.